1950s Style Party Dresses

Here are a couple versions of one of the favorite dresses that we have made.

It is pure 1950’s but with a few touches that make for a more flattering look that doesn’t require that you wear retro undergarments as well!

The sage green dress is made from a rayon crepe that is ultra lightweight, breathes beautifully, and handles the light beautifully…

The dress is cut with an Empire waist and a full pleated skirt.

The second dress (in black and white) is made from wool crepe. The wool is also quite light weight and great for all seasons. The crepe is made from crimped wool fibers that give the fabric a pebbly matte texture.

On both dresses, the polka dots are made from wool and acrylic felt.

These are only one example of the dresses that we can make. Use your imagination to design the ultimate bridesmaid’s or party dress and we will make it for you.

Custom made dresses like this start at around $265.

We are a full service couture studio located in Denver, Colorado and can hand make anything that you can dream up. For non-local customers, we have a highly developed muslin fitting process that produces the best fit around.

Contact Lianna K. (superhero@vigilantelabs.com) to get started working on a custom project. We would love to send you some sketches and swatches!

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  1. Hi I am looking for a custom made wedding dress in a 50s style swing fashion with a sweetheart or halter neckline (tea length). I would like it to be white with a lime green crinoline slip and sash. I am not sure of materials but I would like it to be more natural looking. I am looking for a custom design and I definitely need help 🙂 What are your timelines for a dress such as this as what would the process be to begin such a project. Thanks for your time. Jennifer Lash

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