Handmade Wedding Dresses (in any style)

We make some of the best clothing in the world.

Bustle Dress

One of our specialties is creating unique, custom, handmade wedding attire.

Unlike nearly every other bridal shop in this country, we produce our patterns and dresses entirely in house.

This means that we can create a dress in any style, with any detail that you like.

We can source over 10,000 different fabrics from around the world, and all of our fabrics are better than anything that you would find in a comparably priced dress elsewhere.

Our fabrics include incredible silks and vintage beaded lace.

Having a dress that is designed and made for you alone is the only way to go.

Buying a dress made from “bridal satin” in a size that only roughly fits you and then paying hundreds of dollars to have it altered still only produces a rough approximation of a wedding dress that is truly yours and fits your body.

Our prices include all alterations and a guaranteed perfect fit.

So even if you could find a dress you liked elsewhere for a bit less money, you would still need to pay $200-$300 to have it altered locally to get a great fit.

Our muslin fitting technique guarantees that we get the dress cut right to look good on you the first time around.

The pictures in this posting show an amazing silk dress made in a 1790s style.  This dress was designed and made by Michelle Zwolinski, one of the couture dressmakers who works with us.

The dress is made from amazing silk with a striped silk bodice and draped back panel.

Just let us know what type of dress you might like and we will work with you until we have sketched the perfect dress and found the perfect fabrics.

Contact Lianna K. (superhero@vigilantelabs.com) so that we can get started working on your dress today.

We are a small couture studio located in Denver, Colorado that makes dresses for customers all over the world.

Photos by amazing Denver photographer Sara Cox.

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4 thoughts on “Handmade Wedding Dresses (in any style)”

  1. Hi! I was inquiring about you custom made dresses. A couple of friends and I are getting marrie this year and really do not want to pay designer prices. I have an example of what I’d like to have but I am unable to paste them here. Please email me so that I might find out some information. Thanks! Kim

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks so much for your message and interest in our shop. It would be great to see a picture of the dress you had in mind.

      I will be sending you an email in just a moment from email superhero@vigilantelabs.com. Once I see a picture of your design inspiration, I will be able to give you more of an exact price quote, discuss possible fabric choices, and tell you a little more about our muslin fitting process.

      Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more about your ideas!
      Best wishes,

      Lianna K.

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for!! I am thrilled that you are located in Denver as well 🙂 I can’t wait to see your shop and get to know you!! Your future client, Carly

    1. Hi Carly,

      Thank you so much for your message. It is always great to hear from locals!

      Are you interested in having a dress made for a specific event? Feel free to contact me at any time so that we can talk in greater detail about the project. My email address is superhero@vigilantelabs.com.

      I look forward to talking with you more!
      Thanks and best wishes,

      Lianna K.

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