Fashion Patternmaking

Wide Leg Pant

How do you do it?

For our retail clients who order a dress or suit, our whole process seems simple and straight-forward.  They tell us a bit about what they are looking for and we create a completely unique garment that fits them well.

For other dressmakers and industry professionals, this is a bit more confusing.  Or even somewhat astonishing.

Mod Dress

You mean that you can create, from nothing, a new style that looks exactly like a Victorian Worth dress or a 1920s sport coat or one of the dresses or winter coats from a top TV show?

And then you sell it for that little?  How is this possible?

Mod Dresses

Custom patternmaking is the backbone of what we do and we have spent years developing a system that allows us to turn out amazing patterns at a rapid pace.

Because we make so many more patterns than any other business aside from corporate fashion houses, we already know how to create every detail at a snap of the fingers.

Furthermore, we use a system of base patterns that has been shaped by taking thousands of actual measurements and creating thousands of sample garments which we then fit on clients.  The result is that we have a better understanding of fit and customer preferences than a freelance patternmaker could hope to achieve.

Custom Corsets
Custom Menswear

We call this system TheFrockEngine and over the next year we will be rolling out a large scale new offering to other dressmakers and fashionistas who are hoping to start or perfect their own businesses.

So if you are looking for the perfect patternmaker and the perfect pattern, we can help.

Our computer-assisted patternmaking is truer, cleaner, and based on a better data set than anything that most new designers can afford.

Leather Jackets

More than this:  We have better prices.  Because we don’t start from scratch each time, but draw upon thousands of existing and well-tested details, we don’t need to spend hours working out how to make something work, and our prices reflect this.

We combine old-school dressmaking techniques with cutting edge technology and superior data.  Making for results that are just right.

We can also grade the patterns into any number of sizes immediately and on site.  So if you are looking for a pattern in 5 sizes or 32 sizes, you don’t need to take the pattern elsewhere to have it graded.

So whether you are starting a fashion line or looking to expand your dressmaking business into more daring styles, we can help.  Just contact Lianna K. ( to find out more.

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