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SciFi Wedding Attire

We made these pieces for a couple based in NYC. The husband-to-be was an architect with a modernist aesthetic, the bride, a computer programmer who specialized in mobile apps.

Neither of them wanted any thing traditional. They wanted something clean looking and completely modern with a touch of science fiction.

The groom sent us dozens of his favorite pictures from his favorite movies and shows from Stargate to the Rocketeer. The bride sent us pictures of 1960s A-line dresses that she liked and we worked to combine the two visions.

Her dress is made from a techy polyester duchess satin with a charcoal grey tulle underlayer and applique metallic silver “lamè” spandex that wraps around the dress and is styled after a circuit board. His outfit is made from 100 percent linen with a leather vest and silk cravat.

We can make pretty much anything and typically the first stages are the sketches. Here are a couple sketches of the dress that we made. Originally it was to cut away at the back hem, but when we fit the muslins, she wanted the dress shorter and the back detail was eliminated.

The beauty part of our process is that the style and fit can be customized at so many levels.

First the sketches, and after that, the muslin. For our muslin fitting process we send you a muslin cotton ‘rough draft” of the dress by mail for you to fit on yourself and offer feedback and pictures.

This assures that we can refine the style and the fit until we get the ideal look. For local customers, we can fit the muslin in person if you prefer.

Contact Lianna so that we can get started making a custom dress for you: superhero@vigilantelabs.com

A Cocktail Wedding Dress and Bolero

We don’t do stock wedding dresses.

Because who wants to wear a mass-produced wedding dress? “Mass-produced” and “Wedding,” two things that ought to be mutually exclusive.

Instead we ask all about you, your venue, the expected weather. The things that inspire you, whether other designers, movies, or historical periods.

And we start sketching until we hit on the perfect style and look.

Silk Cocktail Wedding Dress

Then we make a muslin of the dress, a cotton mock-up of the dress for you to try on. For local customers, we fit the muslin in person. For long distance customers, we ship the muslin to you and ask for a few simple digital pictures that will aid us in discussing the fit.

The dress in these pictures is from a cocktail themed wedding on New Year’s eve. The dress had to do double duty for the ceremony and the cocktail party reception.

The result was a dress in champange silk duppioni with rows of hand-gathered ruffles and a bolero with handmade silk roses.

Silk Wedding Dress Denver

And the cost? For around $925 for this dress (depending on the exact materials) the price is still less than most mass produced dresses made from synthetic satins.

So why not get the dress that means something to you and is designed with you in mind?