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Lesbian Wedding Suit Gallery (pt2)

Lesbian Wedding Suit Gallery (pt2)

Here is the latest batch of pics from one of the amazing weddings we worked on this year. This gorgeous women’s tuxedo is cut from navy blue silk duppioni with a satin collar.  Duppioni is a wonderful fabric for women’s tuxedos—both feminine and formal. We make the best suits out there for women. We do this […]

Lesbian Wedding Suit Gallery (pt1)

Lesbian Wedding Suit Gallery (pt1)

We make suits for hundreds of lesbian weddings every year. Each of them is a awesome event and an amazing chance for us to show off our best tailoring techniques. The pics show one of our favorite suits of 2014. This tux was made from a soft crepe. Crepe has a gorgeous “vintage” look with a […]

Women's Formalwear on the Runway!

Women’s Formalwear on the Runway!

We just completed one of the most fabulous runway shows we have ever put on. For this show, we focused on our women’s formalwear collections—-which is what Denver Dressmakers is all about! We led off with some of our amazing suits, pairing some of them with cummerbunds and some with corsets. We showed some of […]

Women's Tailcoats and Tuxes---For Lesbian Weddings and Formal Events

Women’s Tailcoats and Tuxes—For Lesbian Weddings and Formal Events

Here are some recent pics from our latest photo shoot. We wanted to design a perfect women’s tuxedo—that looked good on every body type—-and this is the result. The cropped jackets end at the narrowest part of the waist—and we tailor each jacket individually to get this just right for each individual client. The cummerbunds (which […]

Lesbian Wedding Suits (and Custom Tailored Suits for Every Event)

Lesbian Wedding Suits (and Custom Tailored Suits for Every Event)

  Although we call ourselves “Denver Dressmakers,” a dress doesn’t feel quite right for every client and every event. We specialize in formal attire and a huge part of that is traditional bespoke tailoring. We also run the menswear site, and we would constantly get enquiries from women requesting custom tailoring. Soon we incorporated […]

Wedding Suits for Women--Custom Made 2- and 3-Piece Suits

Wedding Suits for Women–Custom Made 2- and 3-Piece Suits

We make many suits every year for all occasions.  And many of those occasions are the most formal ones. Finding a beautiful wedding dress or evening dress can sometimes be difficult.  But if you would prefer to wear a stunning white or black suit?  That can feel impossible. In addition to our custom dressmaking shop, […]

Custom Suits and Tuxedos for Women

Custom Suits and Tuxedos for Women

Every suit that we make is completely custom. We work with you to design something that is exactly right for your taste, body type, lifestyle, and the events that you attend. We make business suits, trendy blazers, Victorian inspired tailcoats, and tuxedos in all women’s sizes.  So whether you are looking for a piece for […]

Women's Three Piece Suits and Vests

Women’s Three Piece Suits and Vests

We recently won the Fashion Guild International Rising Star Award for the menswear category.   For those of you who don’t know, we also run the custom menswear site, DenverBespoke where we specialize in making the most unique men’s suits in the world and have made suits for hundreds of weddings. In the last couple […]

Custom Women's Vests

Custom Women’s Vests

We make some of the best vests in the world for our menswear shop Denver Bespoke.   But women wanted them too and would write us wondering if we could also make women’s suits and vests from the same high quality wools and silks that we use to produce our clothing for men. Each piece […]

Women's Three Piece Suits

Women’s Three Piece Suits

A.J. and I also run a prestigious men’s suit store and have made hundreds of suits for customers around the world. Our suits are famous for being made from the best fabrics, and cut to fit perfectly.  But more than this, we are known for being able to create pieces in any style. Here for […]

Lesbian Wedding Suits--Custom Made

Lesbian Wedding Suits–Custom Made

Finding a suit for a same sex wedding ceremony can be tough. You can’t get married in a business suit from Macy’s and altering a men’s suit to fit a woman’s body is next to impossible. If you have even a bit of a sense of style, the search for a suit to get married […]