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Retro Party Attire

We made this outfit for a customer in Baltimore who wanted something unique to wear to her brother’s wedding.

The corset top is made from a wool herringbone tweed in blues and greys. It is completely structured and shaped.

The skirt is made from 100% silk duchess with wide pleats.

The whole outfit feels completely fifties; but like all of the retro pieces that we make, it is modern enough in fit and details to look exactly right for wearing to a wedding or party today.

After sketching several different options for her, the customer decided that she had to have sleeves feeling that this look would be more flattering. But this style would look amazing without the sleeves as well.

We are more than a tailoring or alteration shop….

We can design and make and original pattern for almost anything imaginable.

Alternate Sketches for This Project

So if you are looking for something that is impossible to find anywhere, just contact us and we will send you some sketches and swatches and let you know how much it will cost to have made.

We use pictures of you wearing the muslin to achieve a great fit

For certain items (like this set, with a corset) we offer a full couture muslin fitting. This entails having us make a complete mock-up of the outfit from rough cotton. We mail this to you for feedback and pictures, thereby assuring a perfect fit for the final garment.

Located in Denver, Colorado, we make clothing for customers all over the world.

Contact Lianna (superhero@vigilantelabs.com ) to get started designing your own custom project with us.

The Bustle Skirt

We love Victorian styles. But let’s face it, most of them are just not practical.

Could you wear a gown with a bustle to your work, or out to a bar, to a wedding as a guest, or out dancing? Not readily.

So how can you bring a little bit of steampunk into your life without suddenly bringing too much discomfort?

Something like this skirt is perfect. It is the everyday bustle skirt. No crinoline, no hoops. Just an attractive bustle on a durable and simple skirt.

The fabric for the one shown is an iridescent cotton blend that is somewhat wrinkle resistant and washable. But since we have a menswear store as well, consider having it made in a black wool suiting, or even in pinstripes.

The price is only $96 for most fabrics and in any size. We can also make a matching vest or peplum jacket as well. Think Victorian plus business wear….

Contact Lianna at superhero@vigilantelabs.com to discuss making a skirt just for you.

We can make any kind of dress, skirt, jacket, or suit in our studio in Denver, Colorado. Write or call to find the perfect dressmaker for your custom project. For customers local or around the world.

Working from Vintage Patterns

We can draft almost anything imaginable and wedding dresses are no exception.

But, occasionally, a customer comes to us with a vintage pattern that she wants to see come to life as a modern dress. When we work from a vintage pattern, some modernization is almost certainly necessary. Darts need to be shortened or moved to adjust for the fact that the customer is unlikely to be wearing the same sorts of shaped undergarments (a girdle and pointed cups).

Adjustments can also be made for body types (in this case the customer was quite tall). And the pattern can even be altered to fit sizes that it never would have come in originally, including plus and petite sizes.

If you have a vintage pattern that you have always loved the look of but never had anyone willing to make it in your size, just write and we can discuss different options. One of the pictures shows a “muslin fitting” of the dress with the tulle overskirt. We made the dress from cotton first and fit that on the customer insuring that we made the right corrections for a look that was completely vintage yet also modern.

Just contact us to find out more about making the ideal vintage style dress whether for special occasions, like a wedding or prom, or something more everyday, like a shirt dress.

Working on unique custom projects is our specialty. We make all of our projects by hand here in our studio in Denver, Colorado. So if you are looking for a local dressmaker in Denver, we can definitely handle your project. But we have also perfected making dresses at a distance and more than 90 percent of our customers are located in other spots around the globe.

With our muslin fitting process (we send you a muslin version of the dress for pics and feedback), we are able to guarantee a great fit and the look that you have been hoping for, even at a distance,

Contact me at superhero@vigilantelabs.com to get started on a project right away.