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Denver Dressmakers is the latest project by Lianna K. and A.J. Machete.  It serves as both a way of reaching local customers and explaining to our nationwide and international customers what we do and how we do it.

After working 10 years in the fashion industry designing for Liz Claiborne and other brands, Lianna decided to go into business for herself, handling every aspect of design and production from the first sketch to sourcing the best fabrics, making and grading the patterns, and sewing the garments.

A.J. had spent years studying trends and styles and wanted to attempt to create a small company that created amazing items without the waste and tendency toward the generic that are a way of life in the world of corporate fashion.

Each of them had a vision of a different sort of world, a world of independent craft.  An America that created things again, tangible and material items.

Together they found that making clothing from scratch liberates you from the constraints of mass production.  Since each piece is unique and designed for a specific customer and occasion, it becomes possible to imagine and create garments that would never sell 100,000 pieces, but are ideal for the time and place for which they are intended.

We have developed the skills and brought together the materials to create almost anything.  Denver Dressmakers is most of all an open space of creativity where everything from punk leather jackets, suits for lesbian weddings, cosplay costumes, or classic 1940s style or Victorian wedding dresses can emerge.

This site is a chance for you to imagine your own style.  Something that 100,000 other customers may not want, but which you want, in your size, to fit your unique body and world.

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