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The Art of the Women’s Tuxedo

Sometimes I think that there is no fashion statement that is more exciting than a women’s tuxedo——with strong elements of tradition and transgression, curves and crisp lines, the feminine in the masculine domain.

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The Wandering Coat

The theme of this coat is that of the Solitary Wanderer seeking to find herself in the quiet woodlands or the noisy city. A kind of existential freedom, to be alone, to determine the meaning of one's own life.

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The Outlaw Bride

We built this collection by reimagining historical photos of Victorian women outlaws. But we definitely weren't looking to create a look that was straight-up historical. You could think of it as an alternate history.

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Sketching the Custom Trench Coat

The sketches below show our obsession with color and texture. Each piece is designed with at least two heritage military fabrics or tweeds with textures and values that play off of each other, creating a look of beauty, from iridescent solaro cloth, to covert wool, cashmere, and Harris Tweeds.

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The Androgynous Suit

We make suits for every body type and identity, secret or otherwise. Many of our suits are very feminine and some are very masculine, particularly those we make for our Machete & Sons website, but the bespoke process is entirely about Individuality in Dress, and much of what we do involves our learning about who you are and how you want to express yourself.

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The Beetle Wing Dress Collection

But with this collection, we decided to turn things about and create a collection with an utterly modern sensibility using chains, metallic patinas, and beetle wings, both as an actual trimming of scarab beetle wings on one of the dresses and as a motif---where each element of the dress was meant to mimic the shape of a beetle wing.

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