Crafting a Dream Coat
Deerskin Biker Jacket



No matter where you live in the world, we can design and make a piece for you with a perfect fit.

For the hardest to fit pieces and styles, we can make you a cotton “muslin” prototype garment and mail it to you before we ever cut the cloth

Cotton Gabardine Trench

1930s Style Faux Astrakhan

Limitless Color and Luxury

WHEN WE SAY that we make coats from the most incredible materials in the world, we are not suggesting that our fabrics are MERELY BETTER than what you might find at a store.

Our fabrics are something DIFFERENT ENTIRELY. Heritage, robust, handcrafted.

A Harris Tweed, woven by a solitary weaver in a croft in the Hebrides islands on a 19th century handloom, the fibers dyed to mimic the plants and lichens of the islands.

A military melton made by the same mill that made fabrics for the Revolutionary War and the campaigns against Napoleon. Made so well originally that a man a man would have a coat made in this fabric with the intention of passing it on to his children and grandchildren, a fabric that is still made that well today.

American tanned leathers from buttery deerskin to pullup cowhide that is “hot-stuffed” with an elixir of natural oils and waxes that create a gorgeous patina with age. Leather than is more beautiful after 20 years of being lived in, and that becomes more and more 3-dimensional to fit the exact shape and curves of your body.

The sort of materials that get better with age until the fabric itself becomes such a part of your life that you recognize yourself in the fibers as though you were looking into a mirror.

The Military Coat

The Wandering Coat

The Gothic Coat

The Incredible Coat

One closes one’s eyes and dreams. . . .

The dream becomes a sketch to be revised and revised again. The sketch becomes a pattern and later a prototype or “muslin” which we mail to you and you try on.  And the muslin becomes a garment.

A coat which not only fits your body, but fits seamlessly into your life and understanding of yourself, a warm and pleasurable shell which, instead of concealing who you are, reveals to the world a truth of who you are and what you care about.

BESPOKE TAILORING is a phrase that one finds all over the internet.

But the truth is, no one does “Bespoke” like we do.

Our version of “Bespoke” isn’t a choice here and there between a few predetermined styles. It is an invitation to creativity and imagination.

A world where the POSSIBILITIES are literally LIMITLESS, where art and individuality intersect.

Deerskin Duster

Tweed Redingote

Color Block Trench

Hooded Cashmere Coat

In the End, You Just Send Us a Message with a Few Words about What You Want.

And then we sketch it, and discuss many possible designs.  Then we send you fabric options.

Have you take a few simple measurements at home.  Mail you a muslin.  Discuss and correct the fit.

And finally we mail you the finished suit or you drop in to pick it up.

Not as easy a dropping by the shopping mall.  But a bit more satisfying.

And we promise that you won’t end up looking like everyone else.