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The Beetle Wing Dress Collection

But with this collection, we decided to turn things about and create a collection with an utterly modern sensibility using chains, metallic patinas, and beetle wings, both as an actual trimming of scarab beetle wings on one of the dresses and as a motif---where each element of the dress was meant to mimic the shape of a beetle wing.

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The Fairy Dress

This wedding dress is a piece of Rococo fantasy that we put together from silk "rags". It has a bit of a shepherdess look to it, but is worthy of a fairy queen.

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A Touch of Color—Amazing Victorian Inspired Dresses

A subtle sugarplum silk with a delicate lace overlay.  A bit of the modern with a nod to the Victorian. A flannel lined silk biker jacket for extra warmth.

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1950s Style Bustiers & Corsets

We make many gorgeous ball gowns every year. But sometimes our brides and partygoers want a dress that is on the simpler side. Hence our vintage tea-length collection. These dresses, which we call our ’57 Retro Dresses, often don’t have a built in corset.

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Couture 1950s-Style Ball Gowns

Here are some pics of our amazing Seashell Dress. Every gown that we make is one-of-a-kind and custom made for a client.  So we aren't afraid to make a wedding gown with a little pop of color!

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The Superhero Gown

The pics show two of our most amazing recent dresses. We can make almost anything—–and we are never too afraid to fly head first into the face of the unknown—–at least when it comes to dressmaking.

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Amazing Victorian Wedding Dresses

"No two wedding dresses the same"----this is the motto of the dressmaker. All of us are so different---different lives, different interests, different bodies.

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Art Deco Wedding Dresses

We only make a couple dozen custom wedding dresses every year. And every dress that we make is a distinct work of art---

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Victorian Wedding Gowns

We make some of the most amazing custom dresses out there. You let us know a bit about yourself and your style and we start sketching. This dress, however, is the one that I have been promising to post for the last few months:  My own wedding dress. As a designer and dressmaker, choosing the […]

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1950s Style Wedding and Evening Dresses

1950s style dresses—which are fitted at the waist and full in the skirt—are one of the most flattering silhouettes for all body types and figures. We make a ton of 50s style dresses in all sizes, often for weddings, but also for other formal and semi-formal occasions and for customers in Colorado as well as […]

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