The Beetle Wing Dress Collection

Here is a preview of our most recent dress designs and a little window into the process of fashion design.

Inevitably, a good design draws on many sources and when these elements collide, a kind of alchemy is performed.

Our last collection, had been the Bespoke Outlaws Collection, which drew upon Victorian and Edwardian dressmaking and tailoring and the outfits worn by outlaw women of the Old West.

Beetle Wing Silk DressBut with this collection, we decided to turn things about and create a collection with an utterly modern sensibility using chains, metallic patinas, and beetle wings, both as an actual trimming of scarab beetle wings on one of the dresses and as a motif—where each element of the dress was meant to mimic the shape of a beetle wing.

All of the dresses will be made from iridescent silk duppioni and underlined by hand to create the wonderful body that our dresses are known for.

When we design a dress for you, we will work with you to draw in all of the elements that you love and the more elements from your life and fantasies that you bring to the table, the richer the design will be.

If you are interested in a custom dress, just DROP US A LINE.

Every dress is made by hand in our studio in Denver, Colorado using the finest fabrics from around the world.

We create the most incredible dresses for clients all around the world, and our incredible process guarantees a perfect fit, no matter where you live.  READ MORE about our process HERE.

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