The Wandering Coat

The theme of this coat is that of the Solitary Wanderer seeking to find herself in the quiet woodlands or the noisy city.

A kind of existential freedom, to be alone, to determine the meaning of one’s own life.

The Wandering Coat. A custom Coat for Women.

This coat, like all of our overcoats, is made from a heritage fabric that will last decades.  The fabric is an English woven wool barathea military cloth, that keeps you warm in the wind and rain and yet breathes beautifully.

A full length coat is unlike any other garment in the wardrobe.

It covers so much of the body, and is meant to be worn day after day and week after week throughout the cold seasons.

More than any other type of garment, an overcoat sets the tone for your day.

And if you wear it frequently enough, it becomes the way in which people know and recognize you.

In order to design a custom coat for you, we begin by having you tell us a bit about your life.

And from there, we work with you to craft a piece that not only fits your body, but contains within itself a richness of meaning.

So that when you draw it on, you feel and affirm the life and meaning that you wish to live out.

Read more about THE PROCESS here.

Each year we make coats for clients all around the world.  So if you are looking for a custom coat, drop us a line so we can talk more.

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