The Art of the Women’s Tuxedo

Sometimes I think that there is no fashion statement that is more exciting than a women’s tuxedo——with strong elements of tradition and transgression, curves and crisp lines, the feminine in the masculine domain.

Here are couple of our recent pieces.

A mind-blowing iridescent silk tuxedo with Czech glass buttons made for a client to wear to a desert wedding.

A minimal black vest and pant tux that show why we always claim that vests are the most flattering garment a woman can wear.

A black tuxedo vest with iridescent silk detailing, made for a client who sought to color herself in the plumage of a magpie.

We are never afraid of a bit of color or of a design that is a bit different.

Each of our pieces is utterly unique and made for the individual.  We can make a piece for you and your event.  Each piece is made here in Denver, CO for clients all over the world.

Contact us to get started.

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