Deerskin Coats and Vests

Deerskin is expensive! But when you can afford it, it is an amazing luxury.

We always use the best materials for our jackets, whether we are making a jacket from faux-leather, lambskin, or cow hide.

For genuine leather, we always use full grain, grade-A skins to make jackets that are durable, remarkably textured, and dyed all the way through

But nothing is softer to the hand than deerskin. It is thick and yet always feels moist and buttery. It drapes beautifully, and the texture is fascinating.

Here are two projects that we made from deerskin. One is a full length duster and the other a vest with rib knit wool at the hems and coyote fur used as trimming around the hood.

We are a small couture house in Denver, Colorado, but we make garments that fit perfectly for customers all over the world. For truly custom projects like these, we make and sew muslin mock-ups of the garments and send those out first

Then, when we have seen pictures of you wearing the muslin, we alter the pattern and cut a garment that is exactly shaped to your body and sense of style.

So contact us if you would like to discuss what we can do.

All of our projects include having us work with you to sketch up the perfect design and style. Just ask, and we will email a sketch!  We can design something to exact specifications that you provide, or can sketch up multiple options if you just tell us a bit about you and your personal sense of style.

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