A Seersucker Tuxedo

We love to make women’s suits.

Our business is 1/2 traditional menswear tailoring (which we sell through our Machete & Sons website) and 1/2 true old school couture.

The result is that we have become best known for making pieces that are somewhere between traditionally masculine dress and traditionally female dresses.

The suit pictured is one of our more “feminine” and curvy styles, even while it borrows many details from menswear including the mess jacket cut with peak lapels and a cummerbund around the waist.

The cummerbund, of course, is made with corset boning to beautifully shape the waist and the pants are super-fitted and cropped in length.

If pink isn’t your thing (and it certainly isn’t everyone’s!) check out some of the other postings for the same outfit in white and in black.

All of the amazing  wedding pictures shown were provided by Penny Dinn who offers wedding photography in the Los Angeles/Santa Barbara, California area and Kauai, Hawai (https://www.pennydinn.com/).

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