Custom Capes, Cloaks, and Capelets

We can make pretty much any style of cape or cloak that you would like in just about any color of wool fabric.

The pictures show an awesome capelet that we made last winter for a customer with an over-sized hood. The fabric is a red basket weave wool and it is lined in a cotton fabric with printed doves.

I may or may not be able to get these exact same fabrics, but we always have access to hundreds of fabrics that would look great made into a cloak or cape.

Since we make so many overcoats and jackets, we can always get the most amazing wools, camel hairs, cashmeres, tweeds and alpacas, in nearly every color and weave you can imagine.

Just write us for swatches and let me know if you would like me to sketch up some custom designs just for you.

And as always, we can make these pieces in petite and plus sizes.

We are a small couture studio in Denver, Colorado and make all sorts of custom sportswear, leather jackets, and wedding dresses for customers all over the world.


Ed Portoghese

Hi. Do you make men’s jackets? I am looking for someone to make a vintage style polyester or sateen jacket in silver. If you can provide this service could you please reply with an estimate. I can provide photos of the type of jacket I am looking to have made. Thank you,

December 08 , 2010, 9:54 pm - Reply

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