Custom Women’s Vests

Women's Vest for Lesbian WeddingWe make some of the best vests in the world for our menswear shop Denver Bespoke.  

But women wanted them too and would write us wondering if we could also make women’s suits and vests from the same high quality wools and silks that we use to produce our clothing for men.

Each piece is made to order and can be designed to have just the style and look you are going for.

We can sketch up different vest options for you–the neckline, collar style, hem line, pocket style–everything can be changed to match your style and preference.

Every customer has their own unique set and setting where they want the vest to look unique.

We have made many vests and suits for business, some for artists to wear to their openings, from ultra feminine to more masculine, from Victorian-style vests to mod ones, from lesbian weddings to vests for cocktail parties with skirts that match.

The vests in the pictures were all made from the best wool fabrics available.  womens wool pant

The grey vest is made from a beautiful heather grey superfine gabardine with genuine shell buttons.

The lapels and high neckline give it a classic Victorian look.

The navy pinstripe vest is another vest made from a superfine wool menswear fabric.  This vest has subtle purple pinstripes and gorgeous ornate metal buttons.

The third vest is one of our tweed vests.  The fabric is a mini check tweed that is very lightweight with a brushed texture.

We can make pants as well, and our muslin fitting process for getting a perfect fit is one of the best out there.

Contact Lianna K. ( for more information as well as sketches and swatches.  We make vests and suits for customers all over the world.

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Eve M. Reim

Hello! I love the gray vest with longer pointed front, made from garbardine with shell buttons, shown on your website. That is exactly the fit and style I am looking for. However, I’m not too sure about the shawl collar. I do like the look of it in the picture, but am not convinced it will look right on me. I’m a size 12 (generally!), but have to usually buy shirts in a 14 because of my bust size…38D. Then the shirts are often too baggy in the waist. Would you send me a sketch or pic of that same vest without the collar? And,would you send me a price? Do you keep anything already made in that style? Thank you! Eve

July 14 , 2012, 10:27 am - Reply
    Lianna K.

    Hi Eve,

    Thanks so much for your message! We can definitely design a version of this vest without the shawl collar. I will be sending you a message from my email address: so we can talk in greater detail about the project. I will also be sending you a sketch of the vest so that you can get a better idea of what it will look like.

    Thank you again and best wishes,

    Lianna K.

    July 17 , 2012, 2:39 pm - Reply

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