Completely Custom (Steampunk!) Wedding Gowns

Steampunk Wedding DressA custom wedding gown is a different animal from the mere store-bought.

It might be strapless–but it doesn’t have to be.

It might be white–or gold or silver or pink.

It might be a classic style that everyone will love—or something eccentric, bold, utterly simple, or madly embellished.

A wedding gown from the store is one that has to “mostly” fit well and flatter 100s of body types.

It is one that 10,000 customers across the country will need to buy for the designer to make money,—so anything too different must be avoided.

Victorian Wedding Dress

A custom wedding gown is a gown that is designed from top to bottom to look great on your body.  The waist of the gown can be placed at the exact spot on your body that looks best.

Its cup-size begins life as your cup size.  And the sleeves and hem are cut for your height the first time around.

But the real beauty of a custom gown is that it is designed for you and can be as rich with everything that you love as you can imagine.

We work with you sketching ideas and sourcing fabrics that match your taste and give your wedding a style that matches you and your setting.

The outfit in these pictures is from a recent steampunk style wedding and draws upon Victorian sporting dresses.  

The gown is floor length, but cut with handmade suede ribbons with brass buckles that allow the hem of the dress to be raised off of the ground for dancing and strolls in the woods.

Victorian Steampunk Wedding AttireThe skirt itself is made from two tones of iridescent silk duppioni that change colors depending on the angle and look incredible as the sculpted folds of the bustle.

The corset is made from leather and an iridescent brocade fabric with a medallion pattern and is worn over a cotton batiste blouse with suede straps to cinch in the belled sleeves.

Also shown in the pics is a matching silk mini-top hat with leather and peacock feather embellishments.

The groom’s matching outfit (which we made for our menswear shop has a matching vest and string tie, with a brown tropical wool duster and pant and a stand collar shirt.

All of our wedding dresses are MUSLIN FIT.    For this process, we first make a mock-up of the pieces to mail to you (if you are a national or international customer) or fit in person (if you are local).

You try the pieces on and send us your comments on the fit and digital pics, so that we can analyze the fit and adjust the look so that it is perfect on you.

Using this technique, we make pieces for weddings around the world.

Because each dress is fully custom and muslin fit, the prices include any and all possible alterations (usually we don’t need to make any!).  So when you think about pricing, keep in mind that alterations on store bought dresses often cost hundreds of dollars.

To get started on a custom dress contact Lianna K ( and we will get back to you with sketches and swatches.


Heather & Joe

This is our wedding attire. It was fabulous! We looked like we’d just stepped out of a magazine. Lianna and AJ worked very hard to understand what we wanted, and they knew what we were going for: a steampunk wedding to remember. They did a great job from the sketches to helping us choose the materials, to the fittings, to the final product. We did go try these on in person just to make sure they fit correctly, and I don’t know how people can be so creative to be able to put things together the way they did because we never tried on the final pieces, yet they came out exactly our sizes. We can’t wait to wear these again at a steampunk convention sometime, and next time I need a custom outfit I will certainly call on Denver Dressmakers.

July 20 , 2012, 6:12 pm - Reply
Lianna K.

Hi Heather and Joe,

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! We had so much fun working on these pieces with you are are so happy with the way they came out.

Best wishes,
Lianna (and AJ)

July 20 , 2012, 6:59 pm - Reply

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